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+ Joe Pusher's White Girls Volume 7

+ Stars:
Helen Blaze, Courtney, Stephanie Lights, Genevive, Julie Lansing

+ Director:
Joe Pusher

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$29.95 + S&H

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Real amateur girls from the streets of Los Angeles.

SCENE 1: Helen Blaze Meets Joe!View Scene

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  • Helen Blaze Meets Joe!
  • Helen Blaze Meets Joe!
  • Helen Blaze Meets Joe!
  • Helen Blaze Meets Joe!
  • Helen Blaze Meets Joe!

SCENE 2: Julie LansingView Scene

Helluva nice hotel suite we’ve got here, with polished wood steps to the next level up.  In this opulent setting, our old friend is up to his old tricks.

“Here we go again,” he tells us.  “Joe Pusher Productions.  This is Joe Pusher in Las Vegas.  Came out here to the AVN show, a little something different.  You know I normally have the brand new talent straight from the streets of L.A., but I ran into this new wannabe porn star out here in Vegas.  She said she’d suck my dick if I put her in one of my volumes.  It’s basically as simple as that.  If I put her in one of Jose Pusher’s Pimping Adventure volumes, she’d suck my dick.  No money involved.  Nothing like that, just her trying to get hooked up, and I’ll talk to some people about it.  We’ll see what’s up.  What’s your name?”
“Julie Lansing.”
“You sound kind of nervous.  You really want to get into the business?  I’m just going to make absolutely sure, O.K.?”
“Suck my dick,” Joe says, as he settles back into the couch, his rod sticking up through his plaid boxer shorts.
“I can show you I want to be a big porn star,” Julie says, as she dives for the bone.
She’s soon got her pretty lips gently around the thick monster’s head and is sliding them up and down the stalk.  Joe is coaching her:  “Do everything I tell you, and you’ll be O.K.”  This is her first porn video, but she’s sucked dick before, I think you will agree.  Her mouth is gliding up and back, maybe a little delicately, and she’s uttering little “mm” sounds of pleasure as she goes.  Even so, Joe finds room for a few pointers:  “If you want to give head for a living, you’ve got to use more mouth than that.  Go deeper.”  Promptly, Julie takes in more of the huge whang.  “It’s O.K. if you gag a little,” Joe says.  She goes at it harder, deeper and faster, till Joe tells her:  “Stand up and take your clothes off.  Let’s see what your body looks like.”
It looks damned fine!  Julie slides the thin straps of one of those “little black nothings” over the smooth white curves of her shoulders and wiggles the tight dress to the point where it drops into a puddle around her ankles. She’s slim but voluptuous, with pendulous breasts of good size and a shaven cunt.  She turns around, showing a womanly behind with shapely cheeks.  She just looks like a great piece of ass—a fabulous fuck!
“You like what you’re doing so far?” Joe asks.
“Yes.  I love it.  It’s exciting.”
“Get back to work.  Put my dick back in your mouth.”
She sucks cock naked just as efficiently as when she wore that “fuck me” type of dress.  “Suck me like you really want to work for me,” Joe says, cheering her on.  He’s got his hand on the back of her head, guiding her—forcing her to swallow almost the entire prick.  At one point, she gags and sputters, but she’s into it and goes right back to blowing him with renewed vengeance.  She’s got her tongue out, as Joe takes hold of his dick and swipes her tongue with the underside of the mushroom head, and then she’s sucking and kissing his dick.  “Wet kisses,” he urges.
“I love eating cum,” she mentions.
“I’m going to show you this other position that’s really fun, O.K.?”  She’s anxious to see it.  He positions her on her back across the cushions of the couch, head hanging off, and then Joe straddles her head and drops his prick into her mouth and all the way to her throat.  She’s sucking away—and gasping really loud too, and gagging.  Joe relents, seating himself on the couch, so that she can get at his prick with her mouth and control the depths of the penetration herself.
Her face gets so wet she has to towel off.  Joe likes those pendulous tits, and slaps ’em with his dick, back and forth, arousing himself crazily.  He gets Julie on her knees, sucking him off again in the conventional position, which she now knows how to do really really well.  She also knows how to nibble his balls while he jerks his dick, though she gets some new instructions there also, as Joe tells her to, “Put a nut in your mouth.  Real gently like that.  Pull it out like that.”  All of that she does like a pro.
A funny bit:  Joe tells her to spit on the tip of his dick.  She does—but misses.  She tries twice more, her spittle off to the side each time again.  “Strike three!” Joe calls out.  Well, rookie mistake, I guess.
When Joe takes his prick and begins to jerk off— and Julie is in the position to take the load, temporarily occupying herself with kissing his balls—the pop shot cannot be far off.
“You’re going to eat every last drop of cum,” Joe warns.  “O.K.?”
“O.K.,” she agrees, a real porno trouper.
He’s jerking away.  She’s kissing away—at his balls.  “I’m going to cum all over you,” he warns.  “In your mouth.”  She leaves off sucking his balls to rise toward the tip of his dick and open her mouth all the way.  Spurts of semen shoot into it, as Joe lifts his spasming salami to shower drops of cum elsewhere on her face.  Splashes of the stuff go all over the place, onto one shoulder!
“O.K.,” Joe says.  “Eat the rest of the cum.  Scoop it all in your mouth.  Get everything in your mouth.  Use your fingers.  Get everything in your mouth.”
She mops jism from around her mouth with her fingertips, then sucks the goo off.  “I think you got a little tiny bit on your shoulder.  Get that off your shoulder.  Eat that cum.  Get everything else.  You got a little bit of cum in your hair.”  She finds all of it—gets it with her fingers and transfers it to her mouth.  “You got some on your shoulder blade, your collarbone.  You got a little on your right cheek, underneath.”  She gets it.  “You got a little bit on your face, eleven o’clock position.”  She gets that off and into her mouth too.  Then Joe asks, “What was your name again?”
“Julie Lansing,” she announces.
“O.K., I’m going to see if I can hook you up with some stuff.  It was nice meeting you.”
They shake hands.
“It was nice meeting you, as well,” she replies in a businesslike way.
“Talk to you later.”
“Ba-bye!” she says to the camera.

  • Julie Lansing
  • Julie Lansing
  • Julie Lansing
  • Julie Lansing
  • Julie Lansing

SCENE 3: Stephanie LightsView Scene

No Description

  • Stephanie Lights
  • Stephanie Lights
  • Stephanie Lights
  • Stephanie Lights
  • Stephanie Lights

SCENE 4: Courtney and GeneviveView Scene

Joe Pusher Video specializes in brand new girls who have never shot a video before! Each clip for sale in our store is a true collectors item, and features raw and uncut footage of an aspiring female model with little or no prior experience in front the camera until now. Some girls have gone on to do more work in the adult industry and for some it was the first and last porno they ever made. All of our videos are shot with high quality equipment. If you are a fan of real amateur porn, then Joe Pusher Video is what you are looking for. Enjoy! Joe Pusher<br />
<br />
This video opens with a nice shot of a loveseat, a leather sofa built for two. The only thing missing is a couple of hot cunts. The loveseat looks like the perfect place for some great snatch to wind up. Joe Pusher’s voice, piped in from the adjacent room, lets us know what’s going down.<br />
“Another Joe Pusher Production. JoePusher.com. You guys might remember a girl named Courtney from San Diego. She’s been working real good for us, recruiting girls. She has another girl that she’s bringing up today from San Diego with a real nice ass. I don’t even know her name. I don’t even know what she looks like. I just know that I’m taking Courtney’s word that she’s got a real nice ass on. We’re going to do a little something different. I’m going to leave the camera running while I’m in the other room, and when they walk in, she’s going to get the girl face down, ass up. Never seen the girl in my life, and I’m going to walk in and fuck her from the back. So I guess you’ll see the girls when they turn the camera on when they come in.”<br />
The dolls stroll in, casually attired in two cute tank tops, one miniskirt and one pair of shorts. They sit—rather primly—on the leather loveseat.<br />
“Hi,” says Courtney, the blonde. “I brought my girl Genevive along. She’s a model. She’s tired of being broke and she wants to make money—and fuck. She loves to fuck a lot. And she has a great ass.”<br />
Genevive stands and peels down her skirt to reveal a world-class backside—naked. Courtney strips too, and Genevive gets back on the loveseat on her knees. Her juicy little cunt, highlighted by a piece of piercing jewelry, peeks out between her thighs. Seated beside her, Courtney calls Joe in. <br />
“You don’t have to ask me twice,” he says, wading in with his prick out the fly of his pants. He gets a little head from Courtney, then turns his attentions to the new babe. “Do I get to fuck you in the ass, Genevive?” he asks.<br />
“Whatever you want, Joe,” she answers—without even looking back! She is liberal. Courtney pokes that asshole with a finger. Meanwhile, Genevive reaches back to shake hands with Joe. “Is that the first time you ever met one person while another person was finger-banging your ass?” he asks.<br />
“Definitely the first time,” Genevive says. Courtney plunges in a second finger and fucks her friend harder and faster with the two digits together.<br />
The next thing you know, the girls are sitting together on the couch, making out. After a little preliminary girl/girl smooching, Joe jumps into the action. As his stiff rod comes closer, they break off and go for it. “Move over bitch,” Courtney says, and they both lick the shaft of his prick at the same time. Kneeling on the floor now, they take turns sucking the cock-head. Sometimes, when they switch off, they sneak in a little kissing and some lesbian tongue-to-tongue licking.<br />
When asked if either would like to leave a message for someone, Genevive pauses in her ministrations on Joe’s prong to shoot the middle finger to her former man, Rick, give him the “Ha-ha” and chide him for thinking he’s a real pimp.<br />
“Fuck Rick!” Joe chimes in. Later, as one girl sucks hell out of his dick, and the other nibbles his balls, he tells them, “Good job. Fuck, yes!”<br />
In time, he asks Genevive where she would like to get fucked. She reminds him, “I already told you, in my booty hole.”<br />
Courtney delivers a couple of friendly—but hard—slaps to her pal’s butt and says, “She wants to get fucked in her ass,” but Courtney is going to take it up the pussy first. She climbs into Joe’s lap, sits back and slithers down onto Joe’s prong. Then she bounces up and down, fucking away. Briefly, she gets off the dick so Genevive can taste her pussy juice, right off Joe’s pecker. After the new girl declares it “sweet,” Courtney puts it back in her twat and resumes screwing. They go back and forth like that for a time, then both kneel again and suck his cock and balls together.<br />
“It tastes just like candy,” Courtney says after a lick on the dick.<br />
Genevive finally gets to fuck Joe, but before she can feel it up her asshole, she takes it in the cunt, reverse cowgirl. Eventually, he tells her, “Come on, put it in your ass.” She stays in the position she fucked him in—but takes his immense sausage up her tight little shit-chute. Briefly, she pulls off it so they can suck his bone some more, but Genevive is soon riding it with her bung once again.<br />
“I think I’m going to hire you, Genevive,” he says. “I think you got the job. Man, your ass feels good.”<br />
As Joe sticks it to her ass, she sticks it to her old friend Rick, another shot: “He stole your pussy,” she sings to the camera. “He’s fucking me in the booty.” Finally, she pops her tail off the cock, and both girls quickly get to their knees to work Joe’s dork with their hands and mouths. Genevive leads the charge, showing her skill at fellatio, but Courtney is competitive and works the cock with her pierced tongue. Joe gets them licking the shaft—in opposite directions.<br />
“When one’s going up,” he explains, “the other’s going down.”<br />
They jerk Joe’s dick, lick it and suck it every which way, getting him ready to shoot his load. When he takes his cock in hand, breathing heavily, the squirting is imminent. The dick hole is aimed at Genevive’s thrust out tongue. She and Courtney are cheek-to-cheek, both mouths open. Genevive takes the first burst of semen, Courtney takes in a squirt, and the big third burst leaves the new girl with a splashy moustache under her nose, as Joe goes back and forth with his spasming pecker between the two babes’ faces. As soon as he’s blown his wad, the girls kiss and lick each other’s tongues, then swap a lot of spit combined with plenty of creamy jism. Genevive opens her mouth to show off a big collection of bubbly white syrup—which she promptly swallows.<br />
They’re not through. Wherever a drop landed on their faces, here and there, on Genevive’s neck and shoulder too, they lick it off for each other and swallow that down as well. Both girls are enjoying a first-class cum feast!<br />
When it’s over, Genevive gives us a happy “Bye-bye” and blows us a kiss. Then she says, “I have to go wash my face.”

  • Courtney and Genevive
  • Courtney and Genevive
  • Courtney and Genevive
  • Courtney and Genevive
  • Courtney and Genevive